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Our Expertise

HD Engineering offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the services we offer. We realize that costs and stress levels increase when multiple companies are involved in the design and permitting processes. Our goal is to minimize your stress and costs by providing as many services as possible within one team. Below are a majority of the services we offer. Please call us to discuss if the service you are looking for is not listed.
Residential Engineering

Whether you are looking to obtain a building permit, driveway permit, demolition permit, or subdivide property and perform a full fledged land development project, we can assist you in all your design, permitting, and construction management. 


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Oil and Gas Engineering

Our expertise in the oil and gas field allows us to help you in virtually all areas. We have provided excellent service to oil and gas field clients which is further exemplified by the amount of repeat work we receive.


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Environmental Services

Environmental services such as floodplain and wetlands investigations are typically provided as part of a larger commercial, residential, or oil and gas project. However, theis service can also be provided as a stand-alone item. 


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Commercial Engineering

We have designed and permitted commercial projects ranging from shopping centers, social clubs, parking lots, and multi-unit subdivisions to commercial building permits for decks and building extensions. 


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Sustainable Design

We have experience working on oil/gas and commercial LEED certified projects. However, we always aim to be as environmentally conscious in our design process as is feasible. 


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Construction Management

We provide on-site construction management to make sure that all parties are on the same page and contractors are following the plans design and intent. We have found that by providing on-site oversight, there have been less change orders and projects have been completed on schedule and within budget.


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