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Strong by Faith
Brockway Varsity/JV Rover Football

At HD Engineering we believe that one of the best and most rewarding ways to promote a business and give back to the community is through active involvement with the current and next generation. Below are some of the areas we are actively involved in.

The Brockway Rover Varsity and JV football teams play in Brockway, PA at Varischetti Field. Fans and players can visit this page to learn more about the program and to view upcoming events/workouts.

Strong by faith is a faith-based workout group which originated as a small group and now has more than 60 members. Workouts usually take place in Treasure Lake and involve running, obstacle courses, crossfit, insanity, P90x, power and core lifting, as well as speed and agility training. Families join this group and workout because they can bring their children and they can play while they workout. Even better, the facility and workouts are FREE!

Brockway has a midget football league split into 3 age groups. For information on the Brockway midget football league and how to become involved or sign your child up, click on the image above.


Dubois offers several leagues for baseball, ranging from t-ball all the way through senior league. Additionally, there are several softball leagues available. Click the picture to visit the little league homepage.

Brockway Midget Football League
Dubois Little League


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